The Lakewood Theater. Not much to see here now. But maybe come the holidays, ya know, who knows …?

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The creator of Dallas Comedy House downsized her life in order to pursue a dream—to offer an escape from daily woes, to leave ’em laughing, even when times are tough. Not without sacrifice, she succeeded. And the most comedy challenged among us can find solace in her improv classes. (CW33) She’s one of several women kicking-ass, some, literally, in Deep Ellum. (Dallas Magazine)


Ever been lost in the dark in an unfamiliar place? It’s hella scary. But imagine you’re driving home from Dallas, lost, and abruptly swept away. Floating atop your car, because it’s filling with water. Fast. A tree is your fighting chance, so you grab hold. And hang on for nine hours. (WFAA)

TV news figured it out: Us city folk go nuts over coyotes. This station’s staff made an interactive “sightings” map. Spot a disheveled doglike mammal? Tell the map.(WFAADallas‘ go-to wildlife pro knows all about urban fauna; how to handle coyotes included. (Lakewood Advocate)

Let it glow! We might see lights at the old Lakewood Theater this holiday season. Renovations are coming along. (Lakewood Advocate)

Busted for gummy bears? Looking at life in prison for baking brownies? Texas laws are insanely tough when it comes to possessing an ingredient that’s totally legal in other states. (Dallas Observer)

Not gonna happen: Look, you aren’t going to win the $1.6 billion lottery. You just won’t. The odds are astronomical. But what if …? (CBS DFW)

We’ve come to crush your dreams: Also, if you win this historically high jackpot, it could entirely screw up your life. (WFAA)

Turn off the gritty true-crime shows: Instead we’ll follow the case of a beautiful young dentist who specialized in treating children and her stunning murder-for-hire. (NBC DFW)

Time to panic: A polio-like illness is cause for concern in Dallas, health officials say. (KERA)

Crime wars: Attack of the drones? They can open doors, identify danger before emergency responders enter a building and help solve crimes. Coming to a Dallas skyway near you (if the FAA approves and DPD finds funds) police drones. (Fox 4)

Pick up the Czech: Kolache addicts need travel to West, Texas for a fix no more. These days, a proper kolache or klobasnek (what, exactly, that means) can be found right here in the Dallas area. (Dallas Observer)Fashionably late: The former Victor Tangos spot once again is slinging drinks and dinner late into the evening. Felix Culpa serves bites until midnight. (Eater Dallas)

A chef to remember: Preston Hollow-dwelling celebrity chef/restaurant owner John Tesar (Preston Hollow Advocate) hangs amazing painting of Anthony Bourdain shooting the finger. (Eater Dallas)

— Josh Groban brings his Bridges Tour to the American Airlines Center in Victory Park, with “very special guest” Idina Menzel. (Details)
— What’s this “Ice Cream Wasted” thing? Glad you asked. Because we’ve been waiting our whole lives to write this sentence: It’s a post-apocalyptic pop art ice cream experience showcasing enormous art installations, pop up shops, two secret rooms, and an upscale cocktail bar. (Details)THURSDAY
— Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! It’s been a while. We haven’t seen you since that 2013 VMA performance alongside Miley. Now we celebrate your 30th birthday at Texas Theatre. (Details)
— Pat Green comes to the Rustic. (Details)