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Baby, it’s her! The Boss, Diana Ross just performed at the TWO x TWO for AIDS and Arts fundraiser at Dallas’ Rachofsky House. Doesn’t take a wiz to figure out how beneficiaries Foundation for AIDS Research and Dallas Museum of Art swept up $9.3 million that night. Those dressed-to-the-nines philanthropists dancing to Diana, though. Priceless. (YouTube/Dallas Morning News

Ludicrous speed! The first of Elon Musk’s hyperloop tunnels open to Los Angeles in early December. (Good News Network) Check out that peek. It’ll pump you up, because hyperloop is more than a pipe dream for Dallas. It’s zoom, zoom, zooming our way. (NBC DFW)

Stupid seats: A Dallas family that already owned a Lexus wins $200 million in a lawsuit over faulty front seats. Granted, their small children were injured because of those seats, so power to those people. (CBS DFW)

Still, 7,600 Americans remain unaccounted for: The remains of one Army Cpl. Albert E. Mills will be buried Nov. 12 in Dallas. Testing earlier this year identified the heretofore unknown soldier who, as a young man, fought in the Korean War. (Fort Worth Star Telegram)

Explore the old and creepy: Sometimes we need not leave our own city center in order to find intrigue and architecturally rooted adventure. See, here’s a photo tour of 1900 Elm, the old Titche-Goettlinger Building. (Eric Explores The World)

‘Til our scales blow up and our teeth fall out: Would you care to visualize how much candy consumers purchased for Halloween? If you’d rather stay comfortably in denial, no problem. Just don’t click. (Vox)

Don’t cry, Jerry: The seemingly impenetrable Dallas Cowboys owner has feelings too. Or so his daughter claims. (Fort Worth Star Telegram)

A suspected drunk driver: Near Lake Highlands High School someone smashed into a parked police patrol car. No one was injured, save the suspect’s criminal record. (Lake Highlands Advocate )

Seek professional help: We hear similar stories every year, and should take heed (Dad!). Tragically, a Dallas man died of electrocution while trying to trim tall trees around his home. (NBC DFW)

Internal investigations: Inquiries resulted in the termination of two Dallas police officers — one has repeated issues with inappropriate alcohol intake. The second harassed a citizen and refused to stop, even when supervisors gave him a warning. (NBC DFW) Lest you think us police bashing, here’s some good stuff. (DPD Beat)

Puppy PR! Yes, Dallas-originated MUTTS Canine Cantina apparently is hiring a “puptern” to pet adorbs young dogs for $100 per hour at its newest location, though we suspect there is a bit more to it. Applications involve IG photos and hashtags, so we smell not only a to-die-for gig but also an ingenious publicity stunt. (Instagram/Business Journal)

The trend spreads like melt-y cheese: You can still grab your Cheetos-topped tacos when tripping to Fort Worth. Dallas-based OMG Tacos opens its newest store in Cowtown this week. (Dallas Eater)

The latest bar concept in big D: District 9 Draught Haus is in District 9 (of Dallas’ city council districts, that is. It also happens to be the name of a superb sci fi flick.) Andy Thompson, guitarist for popular ’90s alt-rock band the Buck Pets, and his wife Dana, hope to debut the German-beer and –food centric pub in mid November. (Culture Map)

— Teatro Flor Candela – Ritualé, a Day of the Dead theater piece debuts at the Bishop Arts Theatre Center at 7:30. (Details)
— Drew Kennedy and crew perform at The Blue Light on Main. (Details)

— Nancy Whang and Gavin Rayna Russom are the ladies of LCD Soundsystem, and they are bringing the beats to It’ll Do. Starts at 10. (Details)
— WAAS Gallery hosts a six-artist, three-piece multimedia exhibit curated by founder Brandy Michele Adams. (Details)