Adorable Julian Hilliard of Dallas stars in a scene good for a month’s worth of nightmares.



Another Dallas talent makes a name for himself in Hollywood. No bigs — we breed stars. Netflix’s horrifying and highly habit-forming series, “The Haunting of Hill House,” showcases the (read: screaming-bloody-murder) chops of child actor Julian Hilliard. Julian is not allowed to watch it. At 7, he’s a bit young for the program’s. See No. 3 — arguably Julian’s most intense scene — for example. (YouTube/WFAA)

How can one guy survive 12 gunshots? Yet, another dies in front of a McDonald’s from a fistfight? Such is the odd universe in which we live. (Dallas Morning News)

RIP: Trailblazing jazz musician and Booker T. alumnus, Roy Hargrove, died at 49 from kidney-disease complications. The experts call him “An incisive trumpeter who embodied the brightest promise of his jazz generation … steward of the bebop tradition and a savvy bridge to hip-hop and R&B.” (Dallas Morning News/Facebook)

Indie Oak Cliff companies applauded: Maroches Bakery and AshStudios secure a shout-out in a new national Latinx-communities column. (New York Times)

Baseball legend Willie McCovey died last week at age 80: Mac, Big Mac, Stretch —Giants fans, when discussing their two Willies, were wont to say: “Mays was idolized. McCovey was adored.” Info not prevalent in the many obits and tributes: He spent one season playing here inDallas.  (Dallas Morning News)

This is the last death in today’s lineup, promise: From SMU’s massive Ford Stadium to chalkboard sketches at park side cafes, architect and artist Bryce Weigand has willed much of his work to our city. A brain tumor is blamed for his death at 71. (Dallas Morning News)

Comedy House is moving, no joke! Fret not, fans of local improv and stand-up. Reportedly related to last year’s landlord battle, mother of Comedy House Amanda Austin will relocate to 3036 Elm, directly behind the current Comedy House. (Dallas Observer)

Twenty years ago: The Columbine killings opened many an eye to heretofore willfully ignored issues — violence, mental illness, bullying, gun culture and the morbid realization that certain kids are capable of unimaginable atrocity. The mother of Columbine-shooter Dylan Klebold came to Dallas last week to talk at a mental health assembly. (WFAA)

So they struck a deal: Last year our city council and the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund settled on a plan to straighten out a massive shortfall in the latter’s retirement program. Still, things are “fragile.” (Dallas Observer)

A weekend shooting: Gunfire at Buckner Terrace apartments left two victims in serious condition at Baylor. (Dallas Morning News)

Fancy schmancy ZaZa Hotel/Restaurant undergoes make-under:The menu’s still chef driven but friendlier for diners and slightly less pricey. And the revamped environs aren’t so intimidating to us smallfolk (yes, it’s a word; have you not seen Game of Thrones?). (Central Track)

Monica Greene, who can’t stop coming up with new restaurant concepts: She said last month that a Cedars Social redux was underway — new moniker, new menu, etc. Sound the trumpets, because the new name’s revealed: Monica’s Mex-Tex (see what she did there? Mex before Tex?). Post transition, she’ll serve for a while as chef. (Dallas Eater)

Family owned Vector Brewing: It’s opening in Lake Highlands. Co-owner, with wife Veronica, Craig Bradley, paid his dues and learned a thing or two as one of Lakewood Brewing Company’s four original staffers. (Lake Highlands Advocate)


— “On the Verge: Too Many Crucibles,” a play/reading by Matt Lyle that has something to do with the Salem witch trials is at 7:30 p.m. at Stomping Ground Comedy. Ticket proceeds benefit the organization’s Improv for Life program. (Details)
— Go “Back to the Future” at Angelika at 7 p.m. (Details)

— Lindsey Buckingham, former Fleetwood Mac member and No. 100 on Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest guitarists list, plays the Majestic at 8 p.m. (Details)
— Dallas Chamber Symphony presents Souvenir de Florence, a masterpiece encompassing six, short movements full of high-energy moments. (Details)